Centre Prospectus
Sessional & full-time care for babies and toddlers aged six months to three years at 5 Chelsea Ave, Richmond. Phone 03 544 1106

Opening Hours
BabySpace is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. Sessions are available from 9-12pm or 1-4pm a minimum booking of 3 sessions is recommended.  A daily booking may not be for less than 3 hours.

BabySpace specialises in providing care and learning in an environment dedicated to meeting the needs of young children. Both the indoor and outdoor environments and the programme we offer are designed to allow children to independently explore, discover and play while making choices for themselves. The low tables and chairs facilitate independence by providing support without restriction for children further developing their self help skills. All infants need lots of time to practice their physical skills and we believe the process of moving freely promotes development. Getting into a position is more important than being in the position so we don’t use restrictive devices like bouncers or walkers here.

Who is looking after my child? Establishing a trusting relationship between the child, teachers and parents is paramount to us. To facilitate this a teacher will be assigned as a primary caregiver for your child. They will be consistently available to your child and be responsible for care-giving requirements. This promotes an environment where infants and toddlers become confident capable explorers. Social relationships are supported with children learning through interaction with their peers and responsive adults. At BabySpace we value the selection of high quality teachers who bring experience, knowledge and a genuine love for working with young children. At times we may have student teachers, it is great to have them as part of team, however they are never left in positions of responsibility & are always supervised by permanent teachers.

What do I need to bring to BabySpace? Food & drink, bottles or drinking cup, disposable nappies, change of clothes; appropriate clothes (sunhats, winter hats, gumboots, waterproof pants); medication, creams, teething gel, security toy, favourite blanket, dummy, etc.

Fees. Invoices are produced on a fortnightly basis for the hours booked and any extra hours attended. Payments will show on your next invoice with a receipt. Automatic payments or internet banking deposits are preferred, please put your child’s name as reference. Please note 2 weeks’ notice are required cancelling your booking and full fees are charged when your child is absent to retain their space. A late fee of $5 applies for every 5 minutes that you are late after the centre closes at 5pm. A deposit of $50 is required this is deductable from your first invoice. This is not refundable once your booking is confirmed. WINZ subsidies are available, please ask for a form. If granted your WINZ subsidy is deducted from your invoice. Should you be declined you are responsible for paying any fees incurred.

On arrival. Please ensure that you sign your child in and out at the attendance sheets as this is a legal requirement. In the event of an emergency it is vital that we have accurate records of attendance. Add any comments including if anyone else is to collect your child that day. Take a couple of minutes to settle your child in and let us know your child’s specific needs for that day.

Settling your child in. We recommend that you and your child spend time at BabySpace before you leave your child. The length and number of visits will vary for each child. These visits enable you, your child and the teachers to get to know each other in order to best care for your child. It is vital for your child to become familiar with their new surroundings and the better prepared we all are the smoother it all goes. When it is time to leave, please say goodbye and let your child know you will be coming back. Don’t be tempted to just disappear as this can lead to your child becoming clingy and distrustful. If your child has a comforting toy or blanket it is advisable to being that along as a positive connection with home. You are welcome to stay, visit or phone as often as necessary.

Child Health. Despite maintain a high level of hygiene it is inevitable that where large numbers of people mix bugs and illness will be spread. You may find that your child becomes susceptible to minor ailments. We try to reduce the risks but require assistance with this. It is an Early Childhood regulation that your children do not attend while suffering from conjunctivitis, chicken pox, rubella, mumps, vomiting or diarrhoea.  Children must have a 48-hour period free from symptoms before returning to BabySpace. We request that you do not bring your child if they have a temperature and/or runny nose with green mucus or require one on one attention due to illness. Loose bowel motions attributed to teething are still hazardous to the staff changing them. If a child is unwell it places a stress on the staff and other children. The unwell child finds it difficult to cope and takes longer to recover. We appreciate that it may be difficult with your work or study commitments but please make other arrangements for your sick children. Please see our Accident and Illness Procedures for more details.

Your child’s development. At BabySpace we keep photographic and written records of your child’s time with us. Their profile book presents their learning and development including learning stories and anecdotal records based on their interests, strengths and abilities. We welcome and invite you to contribute to these records with stories, photos and observations of your own. The sharing of these stories provides a deeper knowledge of your child. One of the ways we may do this is by emailing copies of stories for you to add your “voice” to. Photos may often show more than one child so if you are concerned about your child’s photo being in another child’s profile book please speak with a teacher.

Concerns or complaints. Your opinions are valued by us; if you feel a mistake has been made or you wish to question anything please do so – we can’t fix what we don’t know about. You concern will be treated with respect. Our hard-working team would equally love to hear when they do a great job.