Baby Space - Why BabySpace

5 Chelsea Ave, Richmond 

03 544 1106

BabySpace has changed to meet your needs!

New Hours: 7:45 -5:15

New age range birth to 5 years


After our daughter attended BabySpace, there was no question for us that this is where our son would go too. We have loved seeing how both of our children have thrived in BabySpace's lovely environment. The teachers have nurtured our children's interests, supporting them with their new challenges and made them feel safe and secure. We feel like BabySpace is an extension of family, the teachers being like surrogate aunties for our kids.

Our daughter loves going to BabySpace! They do lots of activities, have a great outdoor play area and a wide variety of things to explore, play with and learn from.

I was very nervous about starting my daughter in daycare as we had both had over a year of Mummy daughter time. All the staff were so understanding of my daughter and my needs. We had a lovely slow transition and my daughter settled in perfectly. I love how BabySpace is not routine driven they are child led so will offer food if my daughter is hungry or encourage sleep when she seems tired. I really cant thank all the staff enough for the care they provide my daughter. It is now like a second home for her and she loves going there!

With both of us working it was essential for us to have our daughter in a centre that provided great quality of care where staff were informative about how she spent her time there.  We wanted an insight into what activities she had enjoyed, how well she had eaten and if she had a good nap etc. We have found the BabySpace team to be very helpful and kind.  The updates they provide on her daily accomplishments and development let us know that our daughter is well cared for and receives thoughtful and focussed attention.  The staff are all very experienced, well certified and have been there for many years. 
For us there were many positive reasons for choosing BabySpace - the kind and open nature of the staff, the way they apply their training to our child’s learning and development, the friendliness of the families that go there and the location. These aspects combine to provide a nurturing and safe environment for our daughter and memories to treasure.

Lovely environment and great staff

I would highly recommend BabySpace to anyone; we had an excellent experience that lasted 2.5 years. When I left my child with the BabySpace team I always knew she was safe, cared for and loved.

Over the last few years we've had 2 little ones be a part of this amazing centre. We couldn't have asked for anything better... teachers are so hands-on, loving, caring and really supportive if and when needed. They also have various activities & resources available and my kids love(d) going. What I really loved was, that as a parent, I was always communicated with so well throughout their journey (storypark/profile books and one on one when I pick my child up - really great to hear all about their day, interests & activities). I can't recommend BabySpace enough - Thank you for making us feel so welcome and part of your 'BabySpace' family!
Francois & Candice

We absolutely love BabySpace and would recommend to anyone!  Our first child attended BabySpace 4 years ago and we did not hesitate to enrol our second child.  The teachers are amazing – they are all so caring and really look after the children.  I love that the same teachers are still there after a number of years – this really says something about the atmosphere and how the teachers are looked after as well.  I am always amazed by the quiet and calm, even though there are little children running around having a great time and learning heaps through all the amazing experiences provided each week. Thanks so much to all the BabySpace team for looking after Brea so well.
Sherie and Andrew Schwass